The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) chief administrative office administrator has to “be politically adept,” according to a new Fox News poll.

In addition, the survey found that the chief administrative offices of the state and local tax collectors have been under the control of the same political parties since 2010.

Fox News asked respondents whether they agreed with the following statement: “The IRS is an institution dedicated to protecting the civil liberties and rights of all Americans.”

Only 14 percent of those surveyed agreed with that statement, while 41 percent said they did not.

Among those who agreed with it, 59 percent said the agency had been politicized, while 17 percent said it was not.

The IRS’s political activism has been on the rise in recent years, with Republicans taking control of both the IRS and the IRS commissioner positions in recent elections.

A number of Republican-controlled states have enacted legislation that restricts voting rights for people convicted of voter fraud.

In addition, in March, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that had made it a crime to make voter registration applications from a person whose name is different from the voter’s.

While it’s not a perfect poll, it’s a pretty solid indicator of how the political establishment is treating the IRS.