The CMS Internships Program is designed to give you the chance to grow in the field of health care administration.

CMS Interns are not employed in the CMS but are instead contracted to perform administrative duties for CMS, such as coordinating and managing CMS Health Care Provider networks, administering CMS insurance plans, providing CMS services to hospitals and other health care facilities, and assisting CMS Health Information Technology Services (HITES) teams with their health care management.

In addition to working on CMS programs, CMS Intern-ships allow you to learn the ins and outs of the CMS environment, learn new CMS technologies and processes, and explore the CMS Intern Program through hands-on experience.

As a CMS intern, you will receive a variety of benefits and work closely with CMS teams, including:A job offer from the CMS or a CMS employeeA paid internship with a CMS teamAn internship with an CMS Health Administration contractorAn internship at a CMS HealthCare Administration vendorA CMS Intern program in which you receive paid or unpaid work at a site for up to a month and meet other requirements and goals.

CMS does not pay Internships Interns for the duration of their contract with CMS.

CMS only pays Interns a stipend to cover their own travel expenses.

The CMS Intern is a key component of the National Health Insurance program, which is the federal program that provides health care coverage to millions of Americans.

The National Health Information Exchange is a consortium of federal, state, local and tribal governments that coordinate and share health care information across federal, states, and local programs.

The exchange, which operates independently of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is a central component of national health care policy.

The Federal Register reports that CMS currently has a total of 8.4 million health care professionals who are working in federal, tribal, state and local government, which account for one in five federal, tribe and state employees.