IIT campuses in India are being hit by a new wave of “sales force” certification.

A growing number of the nation’s top institutes, including IIT Kanpur, IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Madras, are facing pressure to do more with less.

This comes after the Government of India passed an executive order on Thursday mandating more data, better support for teachers, and more transparency in certification.

But even as these institutes are facing this pressure, others are struggling to meet the challenges of running a rapidly changing industry. 

What are salesforce certification and how do you apply for it? 

Salesforce certification is a formal recognition of a school’s success and the degree of commitment to delivering a comprehensive education.

It is awarded to the highest performing institution in the state or country where it is applied.

The Indian Government has issued an executive declaration that certifies that schools have achieved a level of excellence in teaching that is comparable to that achieved by universities.

The goal is to give schools an incentive to achieve this level of success.

But what is salesforce and how does it apply to a job? 

Salesforce certification covers the following areas: teaching and learning