When you’re in rural electrical administration jobs: How to get an M.S. in rural administration

An M.A. in Rural Electrification Administration (REOA) is a bachelor’s degree in public administration that prepares candidates for jobs in rural areas and public administration in general.While REOA candidates typically work in urban areas, the profession’s reputation for high-paying, high-skilled jobs in remote rural areas is well-documented.While the average salary of a rural electromancer is […]

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Which business administration career is right for you?

A new study shows which business administration jobs are most suitable for retirees, and which ones can be held in a high-pressure environment.The study, from the University of British Columbia, shows that the profession’s biggest employer in 2017 was the federal government.The government’s budget includes more than $1 trillion of federal spending, which includes a […]

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When Will You Know? — What will you know if the Trump Administration is gone?

President Donald Trump has a new team of administrative assistants — and they’re going to get to work on a big day.The administration announced Thursday that Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Administrative Services David S. Miller, Deputy Assistant for Planning and Policy Matthew B. Linder, and Associate Director of Administrative Services, Brian B. Davis, […]

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How to manage an international fund administration

The International Fund Administration (IFA) is Australia’s largest fund administration organisation, with over 1,000 different financial institutions and other financial services providers providing a range of services to Australians.The IFA is Australia ‘s largest fund management company, with more than 1,100 fund managers, and manages over $US5 trillion in assets.Here are some of the key […]

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Who’s the new ambassador to Australia?

The new ambassador of Australia’s agricultural development administration is set to take the reins from former Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.Australian farmers have been demanding a shakeup of the government’s agricultural department, with Joyce stepping down after a three-year term.Joyce’s departure was first reported by the Australian Financial Review and later confirmed by Fairfax Media.The Department […]

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How to install an admin spell on a Windows 7 PC

An administrator spell is a program that can help you run Windows applications, including the Windows operating system, as well as install and uninstall programs.This article covers installing an administrator spell on Windows 7.If you want to get started, read our previous article about installing a Windows 8.1 administrator spell.If it’s not on your wishlist, […]

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