Posted November 08, 2018 06:31:31 Education and Administration Jobs (E&As) are defined as: “an employee position within the government that provides knowledge or skills related to the administration of federal education programs, as well as related services, including, but not limited to, instructional and professional development, training, supervision, guidance, technical assistance, and other services related to instruction and instruction management.”

It’s important to note that E&As can include any job in the Department of Education.

They are not jobs in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is the federal agency that administers the programs they run.

The definition of E&A is broad, as the U.S. Department of Labor has stated that “Education and Administration jobs are defined to include those positions and positions associated with the Department and its agencies that are not directly related to educational services.”

The definition also includes any job that “provides education or related training to persons outside of the Department or the Department’s workforce.”

E&Is are not positions in the Treasury Department, the Department Of Agriculture, or the Treasury’s Office of Financial Stability.

E&Os are a “federal agency.” 

The U. S. Department Of Education (DOE) is a part of the U