Small businesses are paying White House employees to work for them, and the White Houses payroll manager is not doing a good job, according to a new investigation.

The report, released Thursday, details the secrets behind the WhiteHouse payroll manager’s secret life, which includes working at the White house and a White House hotel.

The new report, by the conservative nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, lays out the secrets of the secret White House hiring and management process.

It was part of a larger effort by the group, which has been tracking White House hires and hires for years, to shine a light on the president’s office’s hiring practices.

The hiring of White House staff has become a matter of national concern, particularly in light of the revelations about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, according a report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service last month.

The latest report comes just days after the Whitehouse announced its first hire in four years: the chief financial officer of a non-profit company called the American Century Foundation.

The White House also hired a lobbyist to help it raise money and get around a federal ethics law that restricts hiring outside the executive branch.

The executive branch has a legal obligation to disclose the name of the person who is filling a job, a requirement known as a quid pro quo, the report said.

In the past, White House spokesmen have denied that they use the hiring process to benefit their White House colleagues.

In an emailed statement, Whitehouse press secretary Scott McClellan said that the administration’s hiring of lobbyists is a normal part of any White House operation and the use of contractors is necessary for compliance with ethics laws.

The Obama administration, meanwhile, has tried to distance itself from the hiring practices, saying in a statement it was “a fact-based decision” made by the Whitehouses ethics office.

The administration is working with the Office of Government Ethics to determine if any violations occurred, and will continue to hold accountable those who use White House resources to benefit themselves or their companies,” the statement said.

The Citizens for Responsible Administration report also detailed the WhiteHomes Secret Office of Communications, a communications and lobbying unit within the White houses Office of Management and Budget.

It said the office has about 40 employees, most of whom work in the White offices offices and out of its public relations department.

Some WhiteHouse staff members have also been working as lobbyists.

The report said they include a former White House press secretary and a former deputy press secretary who are lobbying the Trump administration.

It also described the office’s policy of giving White House staffers a “bonus” for their services in exchange for consulting services and for providing information to the White Houses office.

That policy was also used by the Office for National Assessments, which was responsible for administering the presidential oath of office.

A White House spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.