Veterans Affairs (VA) has hired three new administrators to its third-party administration (TPA) workforce, as the agency continues to push to attract and retain top-tier IT pros in a world where IT has become the new norm.

The agency hired the third-parties to work at three new offices, the agency announced on Wednesday.

The new hires are Katherine Johnson, who previously worked as a senior vice president for IT services for the agency, and Scott Mascarelli, who worked as IT director at the agency for four years.

The announcement follows a month in which the agency had to cut more than 10,000 IT jobs in a bid to bolster its TPA workforce.

VA has been struggling to attract IT talent in a time of declining IT spending and the agency’s hiring woes.

“We are continuing to expand the number of TPA employees as we are seeking to attract more highly skilled IT professionals,” said VA Secretary David Shulkin.

“This hiring will further increase our ability to provide services to veterans and their families in an efficient and effective manner.”

The agency also announced a new partnership with technology-focused nonprofit group, The Tech Center, to provide training on how to work with the agency.

Tech Center is a nonprofit organization that offers free technical training to veterans.

The agency also plans to launch a new online training center that will give veterans an online, hands-on learning environment.

In addition to hiring new TPA administrators, the VA also announced an initiative to hire 10 more full-time IT professionals, and a $2.3 million funding grant to support veterans who are in need of job training.