Chief Administrators are responsible for administering a wide range of duties within the California Department of Education.

They perform administrative functions for the state’s four campuses, including, but not limited to, advising students and the staff on academic policies and procedures, assisting in the administration of state-funded grants, and providing guidance to students and parents about their financial aid programs.

A chief administrator is a position that is required to hold office in a position in which a student’s rights and responsibilities are being adversely impacted by the policies or procedures of the institution or school, as well as by the administrative decisions of the governing body of the university or school.

Some of the key duties of a chief administrative assistant include: • Ensuring that students and staff have access to the right to free and fair inquiry, free and full speech, and equal opportunity in all areas of academic life; • Ensures that faculty, staff, and students are not discriminated against based on their sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, disability, veteran status, or other protected classifications; and • Ensues that the academic integrity of the state of California is maintained.

The positions in which students, staff and parents are involved must be approved by the Chief Administrative Assistant.

In addition, a chief administration assistant must be qualified in English as a second language, be at least 30 years of age, possess a high school diploma or GED, and be a citizen or national of the United States.

The job of a Chief Administrative assistant is subject to state law and will require a salary of at least $100,000 annually.

In general, the salary range for an administrator varies, with the average salary for a chief aide in the state currently set at $130,000.

This includes the amount of salary paid for part-time and seasonal positions as well.

If a college or university is a part- or full-time institution, administrators must have at least six years of experience and hold an administrative certificate or equivalent from an accredited higher education institution.

Employees of colleges and universities that are accredited by the Association of American Universities must also hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field and hold a valid driver’s license.

To apply for a job with the state, an applicant must have completed the following: • Completed the college application process • Passed a college licensing examination or examination required by the college’s governing body • Passed the California Board of Education’s “Comprehensive College Application” exam The Department of State also maintains an online application for all employees of the Department of Administrative Services, including those that are members of the Administrative Assistants Association.

The online application also includes the Department’s current and future salary guidelines for administrative assistant positions.

If you have any questions about the job market for chief assistants, please call the Department at (707) 564-7111 or contact a member of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) at (800) 464-4715.