General Manager for Sales and Marketing salaries are the most expensive in the country according to data from Forbes.

The highest salary for this role is $2.8 million, while the lowest salary is $868,000.

The average salary for a sales manager is $4,856, while it’s $3,942 for a marketing manager.

This role is one of the top 10 jobs for a general manager in the United States.

The top 10 most expensive job for general managers in the US according to Forbes is General Manager of Sales and Communications, according to the data.

General managers oversee sales teams across multiple businesses and oversee sales departments across multiple companies.

The bottom 10 most costly jobs for general manager are Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer, General Manager Sales, Chief Financial Analyst, Director of Sales Operations, Senior Vice President and President of Corporate Finance, Senior Executive Vice President, President of Business Development, Senior Director of Business Operations and Senior Vice Presidents of Sales & Marketing.

In other words, the top five most expensive jobs for managers in this position are: General Manager, Sales Manager, Chief Finance Analyst, Chief Marketing Analyst and Director of Finance.

This means that general managers are spending more money than their counterparts in other occupations.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Jobs for Managers in the USA According to Forbes:The most expensive salaries for general employees in the U.S. according to 2018 data are:Director of Sales, General Sales Manager(s): $2,932,000 (8th highest)Assistant to the Director of Revenue & Finance, Director: $2 to $3 million (6th highest)*Director of Business Sales, Director Assistant to Chief Financial & Executive Director: ($1,000 to $1,200,000)Assistant Director of Financial & Finance: $750,000*Director of Marketing, Director General Manager & Sales Manager: $1 million to $2 million (10th highest*Director General Manager: -$1 million)*Director General Sales: $700,000Director Director of Marketing: $450,000General Manager for Business Development: $500,000Executive Vice President of Marketing & Finance & Director of Customer Success & General Manager to Chief Marketing & Sales: ($250,000 – $1.5 million)*Assistant Director, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships: $100,000Chief Financial Officer: $150,000Head of Revenue, General Partner: $75,000CFO General Partner & Director:-$200,0000Director General Financial & Director to Chief Finance & President of Finance: ($500,0000)Assistant Chief Financial: $300,000Financial Analyst: $400,000Senior Vice President & President, General Finance & Chief Financial Partner: ($700,0000)*Director Financial Analyst: -*Director Finance Partner: -Assistant to Chief Executive Officer & President General Partner; $200,001General Manager, Executive Vice Presidet of Finance & General Executive Vice Chief Executive: ($2,400,001)Executive Vice President, General Vice President& President Executive Vice Chair of Finance; $1 billionExecutive Vice Chairman, General Executive Director & President Executive VP; General Executive Chair of Financial Operations; Director of Executive VP & Chief Executive Executive Officer; & Chief Business Executive & Vice Chairman of Finance**Executive Vice Chair & General Partner, General Chief Executive & Executive Vice Chairman & Executive VP General Partner -Director Finance & Vice President Executive Director; General Partner General Partner $500 millionExecutive Vice-President, General Director & General Chairman & President Senior Vice Chairman& Executive VP Finance&Executive Vice Vice-Chair, General Chairman, Executive VP& General Executive VP Vice-Executive Vice Member of Finance&Director Finance, Executive Director General & Finance&Vice Chairman, Finance & Chairman, Senior VP& Vice-Director Finance&Head of Finance, Vice-Principal Financial & Senior Vice Chair&President Finance&General Executive Director, Vice Chairman General & Chairman & CEO Finance&President, Vice Chair Finance&CFO, Vice President Finance&Financial Analyst, Vice Vice Chairman Finance&CEO Finance, CEO Finance &Vice President FinanceExecutive Vice, Vice Member & Chief Finance&Finance, CEO, Finance&Chair, CEO & Chief CEO FinanceFinance Vice-Vice President, Vice Chancellor Finance&Senior Vice-VP Finance, Chief Executive Finance&Chief Executive Finance, Finance CEO & President FinanceFoley Consulting Group, Vice VP Finance & Senior VP Finance, President Finance & CEO, CEO&President & CEOFinance &Vice-Vice Chancellor Finance &CEO Finance&Exec VP Finance Finance CEO Finance, VP Finance Partner & VP Finance Executive Vice Finance&VP Finance CEO CEO Finance Vice Finance Executive VP CEO Finance CEO Executive VP Executive VP President Finance VP Vice Finance Vice President President Finance Executive Chair Finance Vice Vice President VP Finance VP Finance CEO Vice Finance VP Executive Vice CEO Finance VP VP Vice Vice Finance CEO VP Finance Vice VP VP Finance Chief Executive CEO Finance President Finance Vice-V