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Jorda Brewster had a bone marrow transplant in February 2016, and now the actress is using her platform to raise money to help her family with her cancer diagnosis.

In a statement, Brewster said, “I’m truly blessed to have this great support system of people that I know so well, and love so much.

I am extremely grateful for everyone’s prayers and support and I will do everything I can to make sure everyone has the best chance at survival.”

Brewster, 43, had undergone three rounds of chemo and radiation therapy.

She said she was able to have a blood transfusion after undergoing the operation in February, but had difficulty getting the necessary treatment in time for the filming of the new season of the show.

She was last seen at the end of the season with her husband, actor and comedian Jim Parsons, who was filming a commercial for the brand, “Bunny Bikes” in Beverly Hills.

Brewster was seen with Parsons in the background, as she walked away from the commercial.

Brewster has become a celebrity on the show and has become the subject of a Twitter meme, which reads “Bucket List” with her name emblazoned across it.