The White House on Friday suspended the salary of an emergency medical technician who was dismissed last week after a federal appeals court ruled he was not fired because of his political beliefs.

The White House did not say how much the decision would cost, but the decision comes as some health-care providers and unions are pressuring the Trump administration to reinstate the pay of the technician, who was terminated by Trump in May after he fired his first chief of staff, John Kelly, over his handling of the protests at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

The White Houses spokesman said that the hospital administrator’s salary is being paid under a “non-qualified employee” plan, meaning he was hired by the White House and is not eligible for federal employees.

The hospital administrator was suspended in May by Trump after a court ruled that he was terminated for his political views.

The decision came after Kelly resigned amid protests over the president’s response to the violence at Mar-A-Lago and after Kelly said that he had fired his top deputy because of their support for Trump.

The hospital administrator is an Army veteran who has worked in health-service systems for the past 25 years.

The Federal Communications Commission has said that his termination violates its rules governing paid-for political speech.

A hospital spokesman, Aaron Sondheimer, said in a statement that the administrator was dismissed “because he failed to demonstrate a demonstrated commitment to the administration’s objectives in accordance with the regulations and guidance issued by the Office of Government Ethics.”

The hospital administration, which has responsibility for staffing the nation’s emergency rooms, said that it is reviewing the ruling to determine what next steps should be taken.