Here’s a simple question that could have a big impact on your company.

Is it worth the effort?

Let’s start by looking at how many security breaches are reported each year.

To answer that question, we used data from our company, Security Focus, and the data was provided by the company to us by a third-party security company.

The data includes data from March 2014 to February 2015.

We’ve also included the percentage of breaches that were reported as having security issues, which is the number of reports in which the company was notified of an issue, and then the severity of the problem.

We then calculated the number, in millions of dollars, for each type of breach, based on the severity level we’re interested in.

The numbers are below.

This chart shows the average percentage of security breaches that are reported for each company type.

In the past, a company could report 10 percent of its security breaches to be “critical” or “serious,” but now that the rate is at 1.5 percent, it’s safe to say that those numbers are likely to be much lower.

Here’s the chart for the top 10 companies in the security industry.

You can see that the biggest players in the field of data security are companies like Adobe and Symantec.

As we said, the data is provided by a company that’s been audited by the government, and it shows that security breaches in the tech industry have increased.

But that’s not the only way that companies can improve their security posture.

The next big question is, can companies do more to make their employees more secure?

A recent study by the security firm McAfee has found that companies are often using bad habits and poor practice to get their workers more secure, with some companies even using security breaches as a recruiting tool.

That’s one of the reasons why many organizations now use a “kill list” to keep track of employees who have been compromised.

As the researchers said, “the number of employees on a kill list may be very small and the probability that a member of your team will be killed is quite low, but the impact on the organization can be significant.”

To help you understand how a company can improve its security posture, we’ve created a chart that shows the percentage change in breaches for the company type that we were interested in, as well as the percentage increase in breaches that have occurred since the last time we looked at the data.

Here are the top five companies in this industry, based largely on the percentage number of breaches reported, as of December 2016.