The Obama Administration is losing its way, as it struggles to create a coherent, well-informed transportation policy.

The Administration is failing to articulate its vision of a future where America is a nation of mobility and connectivity, or to provide the needed data and tools to guide policy makers.

The result is a dysfunctional transportation system that’s not just poorly staffed, but in many cases, completely dysfunctional.

The Obama Administration needs to rethink its transit policy.

If the Administration is serious about promoting mobility and connecting Americans to jobs, it needs to address its transportation policy and hire and retain people who have an ability to engage in the planning, development, and execution of transportation policy decisions.

A lot of the problems that we’ve seen in the Obama administration are not new.

The Obama administration has long focused on making transit easier and more accessible, but the problem is that the administration has focused on getting people to use the bus.

Instead of trying to get people to actually use the buses, the administration is instead focused on encouraging them to take the bus to work.

The goal of these efforts is not to make transit accessible, it’s to make it more expensive and more unreliable.

Obama is failing in both directions.

The administration needs to focus on making sure the buses get where they need to go.

It needs to hire and recruit competent transit staff who understand how to build transit systems, and who understand the economics of the system.

It also needs to develop an effective and transparent transit policy that promotes investment in transit infrastructure and that will enable it to be a major source of jobs.

The only way the Administration can succeed is to find and hire the right people.

While we’re on the topic of people, there’s one more thing that needs to change in Washington.

The current Transportation Department has lost a lot of talent.

Its ranks are filled with people who are doing a good job, but they’re not doing it well.

Many of the current transit agency employees are highly experienced, well respected, and have years of experience.

But the Obama Administrations policies and funding decisions have made it difficult for them to stay with the agency and to get the most out of their experience and knowledge.

To succeed in Washington, the Administration must hire and keep the people who will do the most work, who are the most committed to the transportation mission, and the most skilled at making sure that the transportation policies they create are effective and efficient.

In other words, the Obama government needs to make sure that its transit agency is the best it can be.