The administration has launched a new push to boost veteran access to benefits, including through a streamlined process.

The department will use a new process to help eligible veterans get access to disability payments, and will work with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War, National Guard, and other veterans groups to set a path forward.

The goal is to speed up the process for veterans who were eligible for VA disability benefits when the system was first created in 2008, and have a smoother transition for veterans.

The program will be phased in over the next few years, with the first phases implemented in the first half of 2020.

Veterans will receive disability payments from a VA agency once they are eligible, regardless of their rank.

Veterans are eligible for the benefit until they turn 60, or until they die.

The veterans assistance program will focus on people who were in the U.S. military during the war or the Vietnam War, and who were not eligible for disability benefits because they served overseas.

It will also include veterans who are retired, or have been removed from the military because of PTSD.

Veterans who were on active duty in the military while eligible for veteran benefits will be able to get them as well.

The veterans assistance programs will provide veterans with up to $5,000 in disability benefits for life, while veterans who have served in the national guard and other military organizations will be eligible for up to an additional $5 and veterans who served in other military and non-military organizations will qualify for up as much as $100.

In addition, the Veterans Benefits Administration will work to reduce administrative burdens for veterans by providing additional resources to help veterans with disabilities.

Veterans will also have a streamlined application process, which will be easier to complete and will result in fewer appeals.

The new VA system, which was announced last month, is designed to help people who served on active military bases during the Vietnam era or those in the National Guard during the Cold War, as well as those who served overseas during the Korean War and Vietnam, to access veterans benefits.