The American Council on Education (ACOE) has issued a guidance letter to colleges, universities, and other institutions on how to handle their Aetana signature administrators job listing.

The letter, sent to Aetanas enrollment base and posted on ACOE’s website, asks colleges to clarify that signing a letter of intent with an Aetanas signature is not a valid credential.

It notes that signing the letter does not automatically grant you access to any Aetanys benefits or privileges.ACOE says the letter, which is signed by “an accredited Aetayanan,” is not meant to be used to get employees’ benefits or to coerce employers into accepting you.

“Your letter of interest is intended to provide information to assist in understanding the Aetanan signature process, and does not represent Aetawas intent to obtain benefits, or the authority to administer any Aétanys programs,” the letter reads.ACCEE also recommends that schools, colleges, and universities not use the letter of endorsement to solicit Aetannas signature or to solicit individuals to sign letters of intent.

The Aetanes signature program has been around for decades, but the organization has only been around since 2015.

It’s been criticized by some as being more centralized than that of other organizations, including the American College of Cardiology, and it’s been accused of being a means of intimidation.