What it is:The IT administrator role is an entry-level position that pays a salary of about $47,000 per year.

It’s the equivalent of an executive assistant or junior software developer.

It typically requires little more than a bachelor’s degree and some experience working in IT.

What it doesn’t pay:The job description on Lad Bible’s website does not include the salary of an IT administrative coordinator.

That’s because the position is not open to new applicants.

It is only open to current employees with at least one year of experience who have successfully completed a bachelor of science degree.

The ladder is broken down into four levels:A technical manager in charge of software development.

A sales manager with responsibilities for all sales activities.

An HR manager with responsibility for the recruitment, retention, and training of employees in the IT department.

An executive coordinator with responsibility over the implementation of the company’s IT policies.

The pay is the lowest of the four positions, but that doesn’t mean the positions aren’t rewarding.

If you’re willing to work hard, you’ll get a good salary.

If you’re interested in getting a job as an IT employee, the ladder is only slightly more difficult than the first two positions, so you’ll need to get a bachelor degree or an associate’s degree in computer science to be able to apply for the administrative position.

The administrative position requires a master’s degree.

For more information about the ladder, go to www.ladbible.com/job/administrative-counselor/index.htm