The football association is in talks with the former president of Italy’s construction administration over his future after he was sacked last week.

Italia Football reported that Massimo Raffaele, a long-time friend of president Giorgio Napolitano, was informed on Friday that he had been sacked after a month in charge.

The news broke just days before the presidential election in which former Prime Minister Mario Monti and centre-right candidate Matteo Renzi are vying for the right to form a coalition government.

A source close to Raffacele said that he was “not in a position to say” whether he was offered a new job or whether he had resigned for political motives.

The Italian media has reported that Raffiale had asked the Italian construction association for an extension on his contract.

The union, which employs about 2,000 people, has a contract for six months at the end of this year and the Italian government has said it would be willing to extend it for another year.

The construction industry employs about 12,000 workers in Italy.

It has been one of the most troubled sectors of the economy in recent years, with the economy contracting by an estimated 5.6% in 2014, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The country is currently facing an economic crisis due to the eurozone crisis, which has pushed unemployment to 27.1% and is forecast to reach 30% in 2020.