Executives with more than $2 million in annual compensation made up about one in three of the CEOs in the top 10 most-paid tech exec salaries in 2016, according a report by the Information Technology & Cloud Association.

Among the top 20, 10 were executives from large companies.

Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple all made the list, which includes those with more on their résumés than their peers, according the report.

While it is possible to make more money with the same amount of experience, the study also shows that tech exec pay is increasingly tied to the value of their companies.

The study, which looked at the average CEO salary for 2016, said there were two ways for a tech executive to make money in the tech industry: be an effective executive or have a strong track record of accomplishments.

“The tech sector is increasingly driven by the promise of technology and its ability to deliver value,” the report says.

“While the majority of tech executives may have an executive background, they typically do not have the skills, knowledge or experience to be successful in the field.”

According to the report, tech executives who have a “track record of innovation” have the best chance of earning their top tech executive salary.

While the top tech executives with a combined total of $2.3 million were responsible for almost three-quarters of all the tech executive salaries, they only made up one in four of the highest paid executives in the industry.

The report did not give any indication on the percentage of companies with at least one high-paid executive, but in 2017, Google said it would pay $1.5 billion in compensation for its first-ever $1 billion chief executive.