The White House has made the appointment of its first administrative fellowship for a new vice president, a move that gives the incoming administration a clear avenue to recruit experienced and highly qualified officials who will help it fulfill its promise to create “a more meritocratic, merit-based, meritocracy-based government.”

President-elect Mike Pence has tapped the John E. Walsh Administrative Fellow Program, an initiative of the White House that provides the administration with its first official administrative position.

The program is designed to recruit top-level government employees who have been awarded tenure in the private sector and are considered highly qualified for the post.

The administration is expected to fill at least 15 of the roughly 60 slots it will need to fill, including at least 10 to 20 new posts, according to the White, which has already nominated eight people to the position.

Walsh has been serving as the White’s director of administrative affairs since July.

Before joining the Whitehouse in 2015, Walsh served as deputy assistant to the president for legislative affairs and a senior vice president at the American Hospital Association.

Walsh will serve until the transition of the presidency is complete in 2019.

Walsh, a veteran of government service in the Clinton administration and George W. Bush administration, has been nominated to serve as White House director of legislative affairs, which is a job that involves advising the president on legislative issues and overseeing legislative activities.

He was previously the deputy director of public affairs at the, a federal government Web site operated by the White that was created in 2011.

Walsh also served as director of government affairs for the National Urban League from 2009 to 2010 and director of policy for the American Enterprise Institute from 2003 to 2005.

He has also worked in the Office of Management and Budget, where he was director of research and policy.

The Walsh Administrative Fellowship Program will be administered by the Walsh Group, an independent think tank.

It is funded by the administration and the Walsh group has already received $5 million from the White to fund the program, the White said.

The White said that Walsh will be joining the administration to focus on three specific areas: legislative reform, workforce development and the public service.

The Obama administration created the Walsh Administration Fellows Program in 2014 to help the White pursue its legislative agenda.

Prior to that, Walsh worked at the Office to promote and advance President Barack Obama’s legislative priorities.

Walsh was one of the Obama administration’s most ardent defenders of Obamacare, and he was also the first to announce his support for the landmark health care law.

The new White House program will serve as an incubator for a broader group of administration officials and administration employees who are seeking to serve the president, said White House press secretary Kevin Lewis.

The president-elect said in a statement that the administration is committed to hiring the best and brightest from across government, but he is looking forward to helping him navigate the transition to the presidency.

“I have already begun to nominate nominees for the positions of Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Public Affairs, and will be nominating more as I fill the remaining administrative vacancies,” the president-of-the-donald said.

Walsh is not the first person to join the administration.

In 2015, Vice President-Elect Joe Biden tapped former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann to be the deputy assistant secretary for legislative and public affairs, according in the announcement.