By now you probably know that Obamacare will cost you $1.3 trillion.

You also probably know the cost will come with a whole host of unexpected consequences, such as:1.

Hospitals will have to cut their hours and staffing levels.2.

There will be more patients coming in and out of hospitals and doctors will be forced to do more tests.3.

Some hospitals will have a hard time keeping up with the rising number of patients.4.

People will lose their jobs.5.

Many people will lose jobs as their insurance is cut, meaning they will lose benefits like health insurance or pension plans.6.

The number of uninsured people will go up.7.

Many of those people will die.8.

The US will become a more expensive place to live and work.9.

The federal deficit will go through the roof.10.

Millions of Americans will lose the health insurance they had before the ACA.11.

The insurance companies will take more risks with their risk pools.12.

The ACA will leave more people without health insurance than before.13.

People who are already sick will have more time to wait for care.14.

The Affordable Care Action will have an even bigger effect on the health of people who are uninsured.15.

The Obamacare expansion will reduce insurance coverage for millions of older people and disabled people.16.

The Congressional Budget Office is projecting that the ACA will raise the cost of care for everyone by about $3,600 a year by 2026.