An official at the GSA is promoting a new facility in the Veterans Administration Hospital in Washington, D.C. according to a tweet from the official’s official account.

The new facility would be called the “National Vision Administration Hospital.”

GSA has opened two new hospitals in the past year, with one of them being in Virginia.

The VA announced last week that the VA hospital would close by April 28.

The facility is being operated by the Veterans Health Administration.

The GSA’s Office of Health Care Technology said in a statement on its website that it is “working with the National Vision Administration on the design of the new National Vision Hospital, which will be a new, state-of-the-art facility.”

“This new facility will provide more capacity and better care for our veterans, provide a new venue for the VA to expand care to veterans, and allow us to make the VA even more accessible,” the statement said.

President Donald Trump has said that the new hospital is a “great investment” and said that it would be “a great opportunity for our country.”

The new National Health System has been designed to help VA patients with mental health problems.

It is the largest single-payer health system in the country, and has about $2 trillion in annual spending.