The job market is booming in health care, and for some employees, the job market might actually be better than it was before the recession.

In an attempt to get a little more sleep, we’ve rounded up some of the top salaries that have been reported in recent years.1.

John Lee, VP, HR & Finance (HR & Finance)2.

David O’Brien, VP of Business Development & Human Resources (Human Resources)3.

Richard J. Dang, VP & General Manager, Human Resources & Benefits (Health & Human Services)4.

Brian K. Riddle, VP and General Manager (Health Services)5.

Scott B. Dix, VP Financial Services & Compliance (Financial Services)6.

Robert L. O’Donnell, VP Strategic Partnerships & Finance8.

William H. Johnson, VP Marketing & Communications9.

David J. DeAngelo, VP HR & Analytics10.

Michael L. Siegel, VP Finance & Compliance11.

Michael A. Niepke, VP Product Management12.

Jim Phelan, VP Customer & Administrative Services13.

James B. Czerniak, VP Operations & Customer Development14.

David P. Waugh, VP Executive Officer & Senior Vice President15.

Michael F. Tabor, VP Human Resources16.

Charles D. Naylor, VP Corporate Finance & Operations17.

William M. Buss, VP Administration18.

Robert J. Leveille, VP Senior Vice Chairman19.

Patrick C. Fain, VP Communications & Corporate Finance20.

Stephen R. Stapleton, VP Development & Strategic Planning21.

John P. Pott, VP Technology & Government Affairs22.

James A. Pudde, VP Education23.

Charles F. Hockley, VP Medical Devices24.

John F. Rizzo, VP Business & Human Development25.

James P. Smith, VP Public Affairs26.

Michael E. Fassbender, VP Administrative Services27.

Paul C. Smith Jr., VP Health Care & Community Services28.

Joseph D. Zalewski, VP Consumer & Regulatory Affairs29.

John E. Schulz, VP Regulatory Affairs30.

James H. Jenson, VP Health Services31.

David L. Brown, VP Compliance & Governmental Affairs32.

Michael J. Miller, VP General Counsel33.

Michael C. Zappala, VP Community Services34.

Michael P. Miller and Michael R. Pomeranz, VP Environmental & Environmental Health35.

Mark R. Meehan, VP Insurance & Insurance Product Development36.

David R. Kocher, VP Investor Relations37.

Robert B. H. Kiely, VP Sales & Marketing38.

John W. Ruppel, VP Enterprise Services39.

William J. Kucinich, VP Information & Analytics40.

Michael M. Sadowski, VP International & Public Affairs41.

Michael G. Graziano, VP Global Business Partnerships42.

David E. Harkins, VP Healthcare & Community Affairs43.

David A. Raskin, VP Supply Chain & Supply Chain Services44.

Thomas A. Miller Jr., CEO45.

Michael S. Davenport, CEO46.

David M. Vliet, CEO47.

Michael D. Pappas, CEO48.

Richard E. Lutz, CEO49.

Mark D. Smith-Sanchez, CEO50.

Scott P. Korte, CEO51.

Thomas R. Felt, CEO52.

Robert A. Johnson Jr., executive vice president53.

Robert W. Bischoff, CEO54.

William P. Lehrman, CEO55.

James D. Oleson, CEO56.

Andrew W. McKeown, CEO57.

Robert S. Stokes, CEO58.

David B. DeWitt, CEO59.

John J. Johnson III, CEO60.

Robert P. DePasquale, CEO61.

John M. LeDoux, CEO62.

James R. Wainwright, CEO63.

Richard P. Williams, CEO64.

John L. Miller IV, CEO65.

Christopher M. St. John, CEO66.

Jeffrey R. Miller III, executive vice presidents67.

James M. Ollman, COO68.

Richard H. Gartner, CEO69.

William E. Daugherty, CEO70.

Jeffrey M. Pugh, CFO71.

Michael Rieff, CIO72.

Richard M. Wojciechowski, CTO73.

Stephen A. Karpinski, CEO74.

Richard S. Sutter, CEO75.

James C. Ruggiero, CEO76.

Daniel P. Reisner, CPA77.

Joseph M. Lass, CMO78.

Paul L. Rippert, CEO79.

Thomas L. Giannetti, CEO80.

David F. Kestrel, CVP&E81. Paul