Salesforce is a cloud computing company that has been valued at over $200 billion in sales.

That makes it a powerful company that can benefit from its cloud computing strategy.

That’s one reason why, as CEO, Alex Karpman made the move from Microsoft to Salesforce in early 2015.

But as Salesforce moves into its second year of operations, the new CEO has taken the opportunity to add a bit more to his resume.

In a post on the Salesforce blog on Monday, Karpmans new hire, Tom Smith, revealed the new role and the job he will be working on as he begins his new role at Salesforce.

Smith, who joined Salesforce from Google in July, will be the SalesForce senior vice president for business and strategic partnerships.

Salesforce already has two of its new VPs in Smith and Scott Gebhart, who was recently named to the Sales Force COO role.

The new VP position will allow Salesforce to more fully engage with the tech and media world, where Smith has experience.

Smith also has an extensive resume of accomplishments at other tech companies, including Google, Amazon, and Twitter.

He previously worked at the Department of Defense.

As for his new job, Smith said in the post, “This is the opportunity for me to really start learning about the role and to really get involved with the team.”

He added, “It’s a great opportunity to see how the Sales and Enterprise teams work and learn more about the opportunities for collaboration and collaboration that Salesforce offers to clients and customers.”

Smith will also be working closely with the Sales team to develop new ways to deliver cloud-based software to businesses, according to the post.

He added that Sales and enterprise customers will also benefit from Smith’s experience.

For Smith, the move to SalesForce is a step up from his role as vice president of Microsoft.

Smith’s role as VP of Salesforce at Microsoft was originally announced in January.

It was widely expected that Smith would be the VP of Microsoft in 2019.

But Smith was also rumored to be in the running for VP of sales for Salesforce, which could have led to speculation that he would move to the Microsoft side.

But instead, Smith has instead joined SalesForce.

Salesforce CEO Alex Karrman is the latest in a line of SalesForce employees to be promoted.

Last year, Salesforce announced that the CEO, Mike Karpmann, was stepping down.

He is expected to take the same job at SalesForce in 2021.