Trump Administration officials have issued new regulations restricting overtime pay that were first proposed last year.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is also issuing new overtime rules, which are aimed at helping veterans in the coming months, the White House announced Monday.

The VA is also instituting a rule to provide an automatic 10 percent raise for all employees who have a service-connected disability or illness.

This rule will provide an additional $2,000 for every veteran and $6,000 to every individual who has a service connected disability or disease,” according to a memo from Assistant Secretary for Benefits and Benefits Management Carol Cusack.

It’s a welcome step, Cusak said in a statement, but she noted the VA will need to “explore ways to implement the new overtime rule as it develops and adapts to changing requirements.”

The VA, in the past, has not had a rule for overtime pay.

That’s because it doesn’t have the power to set pay levels, she said.

This rule, however, is aimed at giving VA employees a little more freedom to decide how much they are going to earn.