Federal aviation administration workers earning between $15 and $40 per hour more than their new minimum wage requirements, according to an analysis by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The agency said that for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2015, there were 3,711 employees earning between the new $15 per hour and $25 per hour threshold and an additional 1,817 earning between those thresholds.

The minimum wage for aviation administration employees was $11.70 per hour in fiscal 2015.

That was an increase of $1.19 per hour, or 5.3 percent.

The wage was $10.70 for other jobs.

The FAA has also raised its minimum hourly minimum for aviation workers to $10, which it began at $10 in fiscal 2014.

Agency workers were paid a base rate of $14.70 in fiscal 2016, which was the highest hourly rate in the Federal Air Navigation Service.

The agency is seeking to raise that rate to $15.70 by 2019.

The Federal Aviation Regulation requires that aviation employees earn at least the base rate, which is $15 an hour.FAA Administrator Peter Navarro announced the new requirements during a speech in May at the Association of Flight Attendants, a trade group that represents more than 3,600 aviation employees.