Posted September 06, 2018 06:29:37A long list of positions within the Department of Veterans Affairs are vacant, according to a list obtained by The Associated Press.

The VA says about 1,100 jobs in the department have been eliminated in the past two years, with some of the jobs in medical and health care, social work and counseling being particularly affected.

The agency says some of those positions have been open for about a year.

VA officials have been looking to hire more staff in those fields.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson announced Thursday that the department will cut 1,300 positions this year, a slight increase from the 1,200 it previously said it would cut in 2018.

The total number of jobs in health care is expected to fall to about 1.4 million.

In a statement, the VA said it’s not commenting on the latest jobs cuts.

“However, we know that our people and our mission are important to our nation, and we are committed to creating and maintaining a workforce that is prepared to meet the challenges of the future,” Gibson said in the statement.

The department has about 1 million workers, but that number is shrinking rapidly.

It was about 4.3 million in January 2018, and now is at about 4 million, according the VA.

The most recent job losses in the VA include the jobs of its head of personnel, health care administrator and a counselor for the Department’s medical services division.

The list includes about 100 people in medical services, including an employee of the agency’s medical system who oversees the VA health care system.

The VA also announced that it will remove two counselors in its mental health services division, including a nurse who is responsible for the mental health of veterans.