The Indian National Youth Authority (INYA) is being overhauled in an attempt to make women more attractive to employers, the country’s commerce minister said on Wednesday.

“In order to create an environment conducive to women, the ministry is considering the restructuring of INYA to make the administration more appealing to women,” V Suresh said at a press conference in New Delhi, adding that the move would allow the INYA’s board to be more flexible.

“We have to start with women’s empowerment and it will be better to get rid of the traditional roles,” he said.

India’s economy, which accounts for more than half of the countrys gross domestic product, is expected to expand 7.5 percent in 2018.

In 2017, the government launched the “Make in India” programme, in which it gave grants to businesses that make products or services in India.

The government has also made it easier to start companies in India by introducing an amendment to the Income Tax Act in 2015.