The Obama administration on Wednesday imposed new rules that would require applicants for medical office administrators to pass a drug test.

The new rules are part of an effort to ensure the safety of workers at the nation’s health care facilities.

The rules will require employers to provide reasonable accommodation to applicants with a medical condition that requires them to work in an office that is not located in an enclosed facility.

They will require an employer to provide employees with reasonable accommodation, including reasonable accommodation in the amount of time the employee is required to work, the White House said in a statement.

“If an employee is denied a position because of a medical issue, it is critical that they have reasonable accommodation so they can safely work in the office of their choice,” the statement said.

The rules apply to medical office positions that are already available for appointment.

The White House has not provided a list of available positions.

The Associated Press previously reported that health care employers are being asked to take a new approach to medical employees.