With Christmas shopping upon us, you may have a lot of questions to ask yourself.

We have put together a list of questions you can ask yourself when planning your Christmas gift.

But before you do, here are a few of the experts who have written books about their advice for shoppers.


What do I need to buy?

This is the most important question.

Don’t forget that you need to pay for everything, so get a good idea of how much you’re willing to spend.


Where can I get some?

This can vary from country to country, but the biggest supermarkets can be found in Ireland and the UK.

You can also buy online.


What is a gift certificate?

This gives you the right to buy any gift you want at any time.

It’s not a physical item and you can’t just give it to anyone.

However, if you want to give it away, it’s a good thing to give a gift card or pay for the purchase online.

You may also be able to use a bank or credit card to pay.


What can I give?

This may depend on where you live.

You’ll need to give your favourite people and family a gift if you’re planning to buy something from them.

For example, if a friend or family member is in your area and you have an engagement ring they would like to get to you, then they may be able give you a gift of some kind.


What about gift cards?

The only gift cards that you can use are the ones from banks or credit cards, which will not be accepted in stores.

If you’re buying something from an online seller, they can’t use gift cards, so it’s up to you to check their policies.


How can I save money?

If you plan to spend lots of money, it may be worth shopping around before you buy.

Some retailers will only accept cash or cheques, so you may want to use this when you shop.

However you can also get some discounts by using online gift cards.


How much do I pay?

The total amount you’ll pay for any gift depends on where it is and what it is.

You could pay as little as €1, but if you have a small purchase, you might want to make sure you get the right amount.


What are some of the best gift ideas for my country?

For some people, buying Christmas presents is a bit like travelling around Europe.

For others, it could be the perfect time to travel and visit friends or family.

However if you live in Ireland, you’ll be able save even more money by visiting some of Ireland’s favourite places.

The Irish are the most popular holiday destination in the world, so why not take a break from the big city and go for a day trip with your loved ones?

What are your favourite things to buy with Christmas gifts?