How To Become A British Citizen: 4 Steps

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The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is a very attractive country for a large number of people, whether it be because of the socio-cultural or simply economic aspects. Becoming a United Kingdom Citizen can sometimes be complicated due to the different types of British citizenship that exist and the different requirements that each require.


Come Diventare Cittadino Britannico: 4 Passaggi

Check that you don’t already have any kind of British nationality. According to the British law (British Nationality Act, 1981) in this regard, in addition to the usual British citizen, there are four other distinct forms of nationality: British subject, British overseas citizen, British overseas territories citizen and British protected person. For each of them there is a particular procedure to follow to obtain ordinary British citizenship, which differs considerably from those who do not have any type of British nationality.

Come Diventare Cittadino Britannico: 4 Passaggi

Make sure you meet the requirements to apply for British citizenship.

Be over 18 years of age. Minors can have the request presented by their parents or guardians.

Enter the UK legally and strictly comply with all immigration laws.

Demonstrate good character. You will need to demonstrate that you know and respect the rights and obligations of UK law, comply with the laws and fulfill your duties and obligations as a resident. This includes the payment of taxes and social security contributions. The border agency, which monitors and manages immigration to the UK, will check with the relevant police and government departments.

Demonstrate a solid ability to understand and want. Also referred to as the “full capacity requirement “, it implies full awareness and ability to take your own actions and decisions (such as becoming a British citizen in the first place), fully understanding the consequences.

Relocate and reside in the UK for at least 5 years after applying for citizenship. If you are married or civilly united with a person of British citizenship, 3 years will suffice. If you, your spouse or civil partner work for a government service overseas, you may not need to meet residency requirements.

Come Diventare Cittadino Britannico: 4 Passaggi

Fill in the AN form to apply for citizenship.

He declares his intention to continue living in the UK, working for the government overseas, for a UK-owned company or an international organization of which Britain is a member.

It reveals any possible involvement in acts of terrorism, crimes against humanity, genocide or war crimes. If you are unsure, you will need to mention any type of deed that may possibly be considered part of the above actions when submitting your request.

Learn to speak English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic fluently.

Pass the UK knowledge of life test.

Come Diventare Cittadino Britannico: 4 Passaggi

Take part in the citizenship ceremony, take the oath and pledge allegiance to the Crown in front of the competent state official.

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