How To Become A Lobbyist: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

There are several ways to become a lobbyist, just as there are different types of lobbyists. Candidates must have the gift of persuasion and an affable personality. While lobbyists come from all backgrounds, their common denominator is the ability to bring about certain changes from politicians, ideally in a way that makes most of the parties involved happy. Read on to analyze how to become a lobbyist.

Determine If You Are Suitable

Come Diventare un Lobbista: 10 Passaggi (con Immagini)

Consider whether you are social and influential in nature. Lobbyists try to influence politics in a couple of different ways. In summary, their job must be to socialize and influence. You are:

Expert in achieving your goals, even when significant challenges arise?

Able to meet new people, maintain contacts, and grow your network?

Able to do favors for other people?

Expert in explaining complex issues to people in a simple way, with direct terms?

Come Diventare un Lobbista: 10 Passaggi (con Immagini)

Know that there are no educational requirements to become a lobbyist. You don’t need a college degree, nor do you need to get a certification requirement. All it takes is the ability to have meaningful contact with politicians in important places, and the ability to influence them along the way. On the other hand, most people who become lobbyists should have at least a college degree. The only things that matter when you are learning to become a lobbyist are:

Your ability to analyze information and develop a coherent political strategy.

Your ability to stay informed and updated on global and political issues.

Your ability to predict which issues will remain important, which issues will lose importance, and which issues will become important in the future.

Come Diventare un Lobbista: 10 Passaggi (con Immagini)

Measure your ability to move quickly and manage results. Are you a fast paced and action oriented person? Your chances of success as a lobbyist can hinge on these qualities. Lobbyists are paid to produce results, which means that if circumstances arise that prevent you from getting the results you want, you’ll need to change quickly and find another way to do the job.

Becoming a Lobbyist

Come Diventare un Lobbista: 10 Passaggi (con Immagini)

Decide as soon as possible what kind of lobby you want to follow. Lobbying activities can vary greatly from one another, but lobbyists work alongside lawmakers to achieve certain policy goals.

Paid lobby vs. free lobby . A lobby occurs when a business or professional organization hires someone to represent their interests at the Palazzo. Some lobbyists, however, decide to work “pro bono”, in the interest of a special cause (usually non-profit), or simply because they are already retired. Choosing a pro bono cause could help convince others about your refusal to be swayed by money.

Monothematic vs. multi-issue lobby . Decide if you want to lobby for a single issue or cause, or if you want your issue to be broader, encompassing a broader range of issues. Those who work for the interests of multinationals tend to be single-issue lobbyists, while those who work for the interests of trade unions tend to be multi-issue lobbyists.

Internal vs. external . An internal (or “direct”) lobby is when a representative attempts to influence policy by direct contact with lawmakers. Indirect lobbying occurs when a representative attempts to influence politics by mobilizing a community of people outside the Palace, usually through grassroots organization, public relations and advertising.

Come Diventare un Lobbista: 10 Passaggi (con Immagini)

Earn at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in political science, law, economics, or a similar field. Lobbyists need to be knowledgeable about the issues they work on, so it’s important to start learning about political issues and politicians as soon as possible. While no training requirements are required to become a lobbyist, it never hurts to be informed and updated on political issues in general, as well as the specific interests you want to treat as a lobbyist.

Come Diventare un Lobbista: 10 Passaggi (con Immagini)

While studying, try to participate in a lobbyist internship. Doing an internship or internship in the state legislature or as a helper in parliament can give you valuable experience and enrich your resume.

Interns primarily complete research, attend and take notes during hearings, answer phone calls and send emails, read mail, and learn about matters that matter to the constituency. These positions are usually paid and are available throughout the school year and summer months.

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Try to meet as many lobbyists or other similar professionals as possible during the internship. Often, the knowledge becomes just as useful as your qualification to land your first job. A large part of your job as a lobbyist lies in forging relationships with key people who can help you achieve your goal. Learning to lobby other lobbyists is an essential unique skill.

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Learn the art of persuasion. As a lobbyist, your basic job is to convince a representative at the Palace or a group of people that a particular idea is important or that a particular policy deserves attention. To do this, you need to be charming, convincing, and persuasive.

Start building relationships with the right politicians. Lobbyists can sit at a table with a politician and contribute to a bill that serves both the politician’s electoral base and the lobbyist himself, to fulfill his political goals. To do this, you need to be both affable and persuasive.

Learn to raise funds. While it is inappropriate, illegal and frowned upon to subsidize politicians to allow the gears to move, it is crucial for a lobbyist to be able to raise money for a politician.

Be sociable. Lobbyists organize cocktail parties and dinners to confront other lobbyists and politicians in a less intense and adverse climate. These are great opportunities for you to get information, sales ideas, and to make friends – don’t underestimate them.

Come Diventare un Lobbista: 10 Passaggi (con Immagini)

Get involved in local matters. You can often build some lobbies locally. Local lobbyists focus on how to engage the community by making phone calls or writing letters to their lawmakers to influence politics. Local lobbyists may take a welcome break from intense blocked, closed-room negotiations or direct lobbies.

Come Diventare un Lobbista: 10 Passaggi (con Immagini)

Get used to working a lot. Being a lobbyist isn’t like taking a walk in the park. According to some sources, lobbyists regularly work between 40 and 80 hours per week, and long nights of work become the norm when a bill is up for vote. On the bright side, most of the work is building a network of acquaintances; that means you won’t spend whole days and long nights perched on your desk.

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